1. 5

    First Message

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.

  2. 5

    First Heart Piece

    Somebody out there liked one of your messages! Because of this, you received a heart piece!

  3. 5

    Boss Key

    Don't let pesky green tunic'd explorers get into your lair! Turn on two-step verification.

  4. 20

    Heart Container!

    Because of the accomplishment of obtaining 25 likes, you received a heart container!

  5. 20

    No Slicing Signs!

    Prove to yourself and others that you read signs and don't slice them! Post 25 messages!

  6. 30

    Oracle of Ages

    Welp! You won't make it 400 years... but you did make it one year!

  7. 35


    ...These are the magic words that Tingle created himself. Don't steal them!

  8. 50


    Hookshot at least 100 likes!

  9. 50


    Post 100 messages! You talk more than Navi herself!

  10. 70


    Earn the rank of a sage!

  11. 100

    Master Sword

    Isn't the pen mightier than the sword? Post 1,000 messages!

  12. 100

    The Great Fairy

    The Great Fairy grants you this after receiving 1,000 likes!