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    It has been a very exciting, an eventful adventure, and a privilege sailing with you all. I may not know a lot of you personally, but I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support on ZeldaVerse. All of you combined have made this a place for many to call home. A place where people could escape reality for a bit, and feel welcomed. As the owner/captain of ZV. I have always strived to make it a fair playing experience for all. Regardless of race, religion, or gender. If there is anything that is hard to find in this world, it's unity. However, you know what we all have in common? We all like Minecraft, and we all like The Legend of Zelda, and that alone is what united us and made us special. In 2016, I set out on a voyage to create a small community of people who wanted a place to feel a part of. My love for the Zelda franchise, and for people has motivated me to create this project. This project lasted four years, but it will last in our hearts for an eternity. Each and every one of you is special, and I have been blessed to have worked alongside many of you. You are all very talented in your own special way. I've come across many artists/creators, and developers, it amazes me how talented some of you are. I wish all of you the best in your future lives, and the best with anything you do. Remember, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish it. It brings a tear of joy to my eye, to see how supportive you all have been.

    As for me, It is time I set sail on new and uncharted waters... I, Linebeck, have grown stagnant with ZeldaVerse. As in everything, life gets in the way and you're not as free or capable as you used to be. I've grown up, I've taken on new responsibilities, interests, and other things that consume time. I knew when I started I wouldn't be Captain forever. I never wanted to be Captain forever. I was hoping to pass the torch on, to a new generation of people who shared the same ideas as my staff team did. I may have not gotten what I wanted in the end. However, that doesn't mean there isn't still someone out there who is going to create the next "ZeldaVerse", or the next friendly loving community. ZV has been a pride and joy of mine, as it was all who aided in its growth and construction. Remember me. Remember us. Remember the cause. Remember the community.

    I can’t express this enough that it has truly been an honor to sail with you all. I wouldn't trade the memories for the world. If you’re sad, don’t be. Be happy that this happened. Be happy that you got to experience it. I certainly am happy that I got to experience it. I have zero regrets, neither shall you. I want you all to acknowledge those who were there from the beginning and those who came by even during the process. If you would please send them a thanks for their contributions, and their talents, that would mean a lot to me and I am sure as well for them.

    Special thanks to the following (this list is not limited to just these individuals):

    SkywardWolves#3875, Windy#1234, HikariRinku#2202, MajoraMoon#6155, Tanjiryle#0542, Rolesi#9480, Makar#5504, Link#1263, Elphaba Thropp#2579, TheNitovani#8617, StephenJPlant#8262, Sejo2018#2685, BigBodTodd#9228, Kum#4935, TheImprisoned#0952, SunsetShimmer#3634, Sansational_Sans#3124

    Again thank you, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and if you ever need me. You know where to find me. (Linebeck#0001)


    Captain Linebeck

    P.S. I am setting course to the virgin sea. Stranger waters. New Projects.
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