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    Good evening folks,

    So, I assume you are here to apply for the helper position on ZeldaVerse? Well, you just so happen to be in the right place. Now before you go off on your own little journey and make your "staff application", I want you to be aware of what I am about to say. When it comes to a "format", we are not wanting you to write us a whole book about you and your special abilities. Please relax when creating this application, this is Minecraft, not your high school English class. We aren't looking for the "best speller" or the "best grammar", although that would be nice. It isn't 100% necessary for you to get accepted.

    Another thing I would like to add. Just give us the basics. Tell us about yourself. Be general, but also unique. The format I am about to show you, does not have to be the exact format you follow. If you want to create your own format, feel free. As long as it goes over some key points that I will specifically put a "*" next to, then you should be fine. Make your application pleasant, tidy, and your own. [NO COPY & PASTE!]


    Note: Please make sure you have read the introduction above before you continue any further!
    Note: Also, we do have age requirements.

    [Age Requirements]:

    • Helper:13
    At the top of you application please answer these questions:
    • Minecraft Username *
    • What staff position are you applying for? *
    • Do you have a way of us being able to contact you? (Skype, TS, etc) *

    Tell us anything about yourself. (optional)

    • How old are you? *
    • Do you have any hobbies?
    • What do you like about The Legend of Zelda franchise?
    • Have you ever been a staff member before?
    Main part of application: *

    Note: Try and put these points in your well formed application.
    • What do you have to offer to ZeldaVerse? *
    • Have you ever used hacks before? (Be honest.) *
    • Have you ever been banned before? (Be honest.) *
    • How many hours have you spent on ZeldaVerse? (Estimate.) *
    • How would you react to a player who is spamming? *
    • How would you react to a disrespectful player? *
    Okay, you're done.

    If you want to add more detail to your helper application you are more than welcome to. If you don't wish to use the format we laid out, then you are more than welcome to go find another format to use. Are main goal is to make it as basic and easy as possible.

    What to expect?!

    Please stay tuned to see if you get accepted or not. If we do not reply right away, that does not mean we are ignoring you. Please give a staff member a chance to review and respond to your application. However, if you haven't heard from anyone in three days. Then you may ask for it to be bumped up.

    We hope to see you on our team!

    Best regards,


    [Note]: You have more of a chance of becoming a staff member if your play time is greater than one week. However, more time equals a higher chance.
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