Land Ho!: Additional Server Info and Release Date Sighted

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    A hardy hello, Hyrule!
    Today, your favorite local newspaper lets you peer through the telescope to catch a glimpse of the rapidly approaching, highly anticipated, official opening of ZeldaVerse.
    The New and Exciting
    Seemingly without warning, a recent video released by none other than the salty ship-monkey @Linebeck himself has confirmed the release date for ZeldaVerse to lie a mere ten days in the future! Hold on to your floppy green hats, because July 21st marks the day when history will be made and the server will become available to the public.
    And Vaati will sit upon the throne of Hyrule.
    Though the reveal of the server's soon to come release was surely striking, one might argue that the video contained even more remarkable revelations. Despite the fact that video displayed fantastic builds, as previous videos have, they took a backseat to never before revealed content such as Phantom Tag, Four Swords, and other minigames. However, seeing as a picture is worth a thousand words, a short video recording at a mere thirty frames per second could potentially be worth several million. Therefore, do read the several million words of pictures contained in the source itself!

    The End is Near, and it's Just the Beginning
    A recent statement made by Linebeck has been circulating among the community of ZeldaVerse. It's heartfelt message comes in light of the magnitude of what is to come, and therefore, it has been included here for your pleasure:
    "Greetings everyone!

    All of you, as well as I, have been waiting very patiently for this day to come. We as a staff team, and a family have journeyed through the Great Sea, and finally stumbled upon our destination. A destination in which we can break ground and build something wonderful, this time with even more help from the very lifeblood of our server: you, the hopeful community members who have given us a reason to do what we have done. I am very proud to announce this milestone, and humbled to have been apart of this project with such a great crew.

    ZeldaVerse has undergone many changes, setbacks, and even complete revamps for the past year and a half. Even after all of this, we have still endured. Nothing can ever change or break our spirit. We are passionate in what we do, and we will always consider this place to be special to us. We have developed this from the ground up and we want to share it with the community and all the other passionate people who love either Zelda or Minecraft.

    This server was created with the community's intentions in mind. The foundation of ZV is based on a fair, moral, and loving mindset. We want all to be able to enjoy and be apart of this never ending project. This isn't just 'my' server, or the 'staff' teams server. This is the community's server.

    We prepared a small pre-release trailer for you to enjoy. It contains some sneak peeks of different aspects we will offer. This is only just the beginning! We have tons planned for our future!

    July 21st, 2018 is our special date. That is only ten days away! While you wait, here is the link to our discord server:

    I hope to see you soon. :)


    Thank you for reading this issue of The Hyrule Herald. A fervent farewell, friends!

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