Moving One Step Closer: Server Trailer II Reveal

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    A hardy hello, Hyrule!
    Today, your favorite local newspaper lets down the sails on the hype ship and takes a look at a recently released server trailer.
    Moving One Step Closer
    With the exception of @Majora's facial expression, things are never static here at ZeldaVerse! Everyone's favorite man of the sea, @Linebeck, ensures that his hearty crew get things done, and in doing so, may or may not use the threat of walking the plank as motivation. The newest server trailer attests to the progress that he and his loyal, albeit salt-covered, sailors have made. In it, iconic scenes stand beautifully and accurately recreated. Dragoon Roost Island, Lake Hylia, and other recognizable locations beckon to beholders, promising adventure, and asking to be thoroughly explored. But don't take our word for it; see the sights for yourself!

    When asked to comment on the present state of ZeldaVerse, Linebeck responded:
    "We have come a long way! ZV's main server is done, and we are working hard on additional projects that will make ZeldaVerse even better! I know everyone has been waiting so patiently for release. I assure you it is nearing completion, and there won't be anymore delays or changes to the server. I know I've said that before, but we have been progressing faster the past couple of months. ZeldaVerse has changed drastically in the past six months, and lots of ideas have been thrown around and out in that time frame. The wait will be well worth it!"
    Thank you for reading this issue of The Hyrule Herald. A fervent farewell, friends!


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