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Discussion in 'News & Announcments' started by Linebeck, Dec 11, 2018.

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    Good morning everyone,

    In case you haven't noticed the forums hasn't been updated in a while, that is mainly because our frequent use of our discord server! Most, if not all players use our discord server for basic communication with one another. So, what does this mean for the forums? Well simple. We plan on using the forums, mainly for those who either do not wish to use our discord server, and for the necessities, which include by not limited to: Staff applications, Ban appeals, Reports, and other fine things that are worth posting about. Not only is it easier to stay in touch with one another, it allows us to push out announcements faster. So I urge you to go check out our discord server, it'll only take a couple minutes to sign up for one (assuming you do not have one). You can either go to your browser and type the URL: discord.zeldaverse.net, or paste the invitation link into your discord app on your smart phone!

    Discord Server Invitation: https://discordapp.com/invite/euaYKNp


    The past couple months we have been working hard on updating ZeldaVerse to 1.13.2. Not only has it been a hassle, but with all the changes to the spigot api, it has forced me to re-write a bunch of our plugins. We have had problems with mostly small things, like the Hook Shot, Pegasus Boots, Roc's Cape, and some small functions in Four Swords. I have just a little more work to do with our dungeon's plugin, but once I complete it, we should be fixed and running smoothly again. With the new 1.14 update coming closer every day, there has been hopes that Mojang will fix all the bugs and errors they have created for the entire spigot community, etc.

    Dungeons update

    With the new Hook Shot implemented, @Pavlovs_Walrus has been working hard on his Wind Waker Resource pack. If you are using it, you may be able to see the Hook Shot that was used in the Wind Waker while adventuring the different dungeons that we have laid out. I and the staff team have also been working on single player dungeons, for those of you who wish to play alone, rather than play Four Swords Mode.

    New Staff

    For some of you who aren't aware, we have two new staff members. @Rolesi, and @Makar have joined the royal staff team, and will always be apart of the family. So make sure to congratulate them when you have the chance.

    With all that being said, I wish everyone a wonderful end of the year. We are almost wrapped up with 2018, and a new adventure awaits for 2019!

    Best regards,

    Captain Linebeck
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