NintendoVerse #4 The Agony before E3

Discussion in 'Nintendo News' started by Majora, Jun 2, 2018.

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    Welp, E3 is almost upon us. But, before E3 here are some of the latest news on Nintendo.

    Game Freak announced a Kanto remake for Nintendo Switch called "Let's Go Pikachu" and "Let's Go Eevee." Game Freak also told us that this isn't the Core RPG announced back at E3 last year which is coming out late 2019. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee will be coming to stores on November 16. Game Freak announced another Pokemon game called "Pokemon Quest" which has you explore an island with Pokemon that are made of cubes. Pokemon Quest came out a few days ago for the low price of $0.00.

    Fortnite is confirmed to be coming to the Switch by the Korean Gaming Ratings Board.

    Sega announced their new Sonic racing game called "Team Sonic Racing" with an Adventure mode, 15 characters, Wisps as items, Co-Op modes, and team racing. Team Sonic Racing is coming out somewhere this Winter.

    Now we got that out of the way, here are the latest rumors. DasVergeben says to expect Ice Climbers from the NES game Ice Climbers, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, and apparently Ridley from the Metroid series.

    Nintendo applied for trademarks on the Smash Bros. symbol, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin, Yoshi's Island, Art Style, Flipnote Studio, Sin & Punishment, the Legendary Starfy, Nintendogs, Link's Crossbow Training of all things, Wii Fit, Wii Music, Wii Play, and Wii Sports. So who knows, we might see those games at E3.

    Liam Robertson told a few things he heard from Retro Studios about Star Fox Grand Prix: It's not gonna be like F-Zero, he has seen a more complete version of the logo, the game is based on the arwing, the name Star Fox Grand Prix is just a working title, it's a mix between classic Star Fox and racing, you shoot enemies to propel forward and get combos and you can shoot other players too, each Grand Prix is three tracks with a boss fight where the boss comes onto the track,it has a big hub area where you can interact with the Star Fox characters, you pick up new missions at the hub and there’s story content to go through, Liam heard Retro was considering adding cameos like Donkey Kong, and it will most likely be a 2019 game but wouldn't be surprised if it was a 2018.

    An IMDB listing says that Charles Martinet is gonna be the voice actor for Mario in the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph 2

    Now for something completely different and not Nintendo-related in the slightest!
    Atari is back from the dead and released their latest console the Atari VCS and it is doing great? (How is that possible?)

    Scott Cawthon famous (or infamous) for making the FNAF series is working on a custom night game filled with many of the FNAF characters. He made a challenge for Dawko (which he accepted) to beat the 50/20 mode of the custom nights when it releases. If Dawko wins, he gets an interview with Scott Cawthon himself. If he gives up, however, then he has to make a fangame called FANF7. Well, Dawko made a very real video of him capturing hostages and telling Scott to make the mode easier (did I mention that this is a totally real video?). Fortunately, the hostages escaped but due to Scott's worry of this happening again he had this to say "So this is a public declaration, a commitment, and a promise, to Dawko and to the community as a whole, that I will make 51/20 mode easier for everyone."

    That is all for now. See you after E3!

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