NintendoVerse #5 We came. We saw. We Smashed.

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    UGH! So much to do. So much to type. This issue might be as big as Ridley.

    Ok. Let's just jump right to the E3 direct. It starts off with a trailer for a game called "Daemon X Machina". The game is said to be coming at 2019.

    Next it gets to the new dlc for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Torna the Golden Country coming at September 2018. While we are on the subject of dlc, lets get a bit off topic from the direct. The Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 is now available and I highly recommend it. Now back to the direct!

    Nintendo gets more in depth to this year's Pokemon game "Let's Go Pikachu" and "Let's Go Eevee". It has been recently announced that Team Rocket will return to the game like Pokemon Yellow.

    They then announce Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. And the good news is, there are no vehicles in the game.
    Super Mario Party will be released on October 5, 2018.

    More information on the Fire Emblem game for Switch was revealed. It is now called "Fire Emblem the Three Houses.
    Fire Emblem the Three Houses will release in Spring 2019.

    As rumored Fortnite has been announced for Switch. It is now available. Another rumored game being Overcooked 2 is now available.

    Killer Queen Black is coming sometime this year.

    Metroid-like Indie game Hollow Knight is now available with all the dlc.

    Octopath Traveler is now available and has a demo if you want to try it out. we are...Smash Bros. Switch info. We start off with the characters that are staying in Smash. I would list them but......its just that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER FROM THE SERIES IS HERE! Yes, even Snake and Pichu have returned. The new title of the Smash Bros. game is fittingly enough, "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." Your beginning roster in the game might be as small as the N64 roster then constantly grow and grow. 8-player battles are returning. There have been several design changes to many of the fighters.

    Mario for example now has Cappy. But not as a fighting move. You also can use his Builder and Wedding Outfits as alt costumes.

    Link is now in the design of the Game of the Year "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and his down special is now the Remote Bomb Rune. His final smash is now the Ancient Bow and Arrow. He also has his Tunic of the Wild as an alt costume.

    Ike now has both his Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn versions. The versions are also voiced slightly differently (I say slightly because I can't tell the difference).

    Female Pikachu is now playable. You can also play as Pikachu Libre from Pokkén Tournament. It's final smash is different from the previous Smash games.

    Fox's design is now based on Star Fox Zero. And instead of a Landmaster, he uses an Arwing. As you can see, all final smashes are gonna be "fast and ferocious". So say goodbye to Charizard's, Wario's, Sonic's, etc's final smashes.

    Falco is basically the same but his Arwing final smash is more wild.

    In 1-on-1 fights, Ryu always faces his opponent just like the original Street Fighter games.

    Now Samus could FINALLY charge in midair. It can be cancelled but it is risky.

    Marth's Dancing Blade is faster this time. Same with Roy and Lucina. Now Marth can speak English!

    Ahh, don't you hear it? It is the sound of fans yelling their heads off thanks to Snake's return. I would mention a certain other change.....butt I don't think I will talk bout it.

    Pichu still damages

    Much to the fans surprise, Zelda is based on her Link Between Worlds look. She now uses more "Energetic and flashy moves." Her final smash is now the Triforce of Wisdom.

    Sonic's final smash is faster than ever. You won't be able to control it.

    Pac-Man's final smash is also faster. You won't be able to control it.

    Pokemon Trainer is BACK! And now if you switch Pokemon, there isn't any penalty. Imagine all those combos....You can also play as Female Pokemon Trainer.

    With strong attacks, there are sometimes very dramatic slow-mo effects. Like the Falcon Punch.

    You can use both Cloud's Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children alt costumes. His limit gauge is now displayed by his damage percentage.

    You can also see Robin's Levin Sword and Tome remaining uses by the damage percentage.

    Whatever Villager puts in his physics-breaking pockets is also displayed by his damage percentage.

    Bowser's Final Smash is even bigger than ever.

    Mr. Game & Watch now looks even more like the original Game & Watch games (that sounds very redundant).

    Just to let you know, now there are a total of three Links in the game. Now where was I?

    Wolf's design is also based on Star Fox Zero. And his moves have been upgraded.

    Shulk's Monado Arts can now be directly selected.

    Ganondorf is now in his Ocarina of Time version. He now uses swords as a smash attack.

    Mii Fighter's moves are now unchangeable. You can though choose from 12 voice options.

    Pit's Final Smash is now the Lightning Chariot.

    Zero Suit Samus' Final Smash is now her Power Suit.

    Olimar's helmet gets cracked when hit, but it gets fixed right when he reaches back to the ground.

    The shots from the Bayonetta 1 and 2 costumes sound a bit different to each other.

    Donkey Kong's Final Smash is his rapid punch.

    Little Mac's Final Smash is very similar to Donkey Kong's.

    Paula and Poo appear in Ness' Final Smash.

    Kumatora and Boney appear in Lucas' Final Smash.

    Wii Fit Trainer is more detailed.

    Wily Castle has all the hazards from both the Wii U and 3ds. Don't worry though, you can always disable them.
    Proto Man and Bass appear in Mega Man's Final Smash.

    Palutena's Down Special is now both a deflector and a counter.

    R.O.B. now has a gauge to indicate how much fuel he has left for his up special.

    Fighters with the ε symbol are called "Echo Fighters" basically clones. Nintendo then announced a new Echo Fighter. *drum roll* Daisy Princess of Sarasaland. The Echo Fighter of Peach.

    Nintendo then gives more info on the Inkling's moveset. If you ink a fighter, they will take more damage than normal. There are many Splatoon weapons that are used as smash attacks or specials. The Inkling's final smash is the Killer Wail. You also need to refill ink.

    Here are all of the assist trophies that were found: Bomberman, Waluigi, Lyn, Pac-Man Ghosts, Rodin, Midna, Starfy, Squid Sisters, Nintendogs, Knuckle Joe, Metroid, Andross, Riki, Burrowing Snagret, Sukapon, Jeff, Dr. Kawashima, Hammer Bro, Color TV 15 (Pong), Arcade Bunny, Takamaru, Samurai Goroh, Dr. Wright, Sheriff, Mother Brain, Starman, Ghirahim, Krystal, Knuckles, and possibly the Evil Mushroom from Earthbound. (Thank you Gamexplain for all the info). There are certain Assist Trophies you can KO and get points.

    Here are all the stages that were found: Battlefield, Spear Pillar, Unova Pokemon League, Lylat Cruise, Castle Seige, Green Greens, Find Mii, Temple, Colosseum, Bridge of Eldin, Great Plateau Tower, Tortimer Island, Kongo Jungle, Skyloft, Animal Crossing Town & City, Pokemon Stadium 2, Super Mario Galaxy, Green Hill, Mario Circuit, Summit, Nintendogs, Moray Towers, Frigate Orpheon, Pilotwings, Boxing Ring, Garden of Hope, Arena Ferox, Shadow Moses Island, Tomodachi Life, Distant Planet, Suzaku Castle, Umbra Clock Tower, Wii Fit Studio, Princess Peach's Castle, Skyworld, Fourside, Wario Ware, Gaur Plains, Midgar, Luigi's Mansion, Corneria, Mario Circuit (Mario Kart 8), Yoshi's Story, Mushroom Kingdom, Great Bay, Great Cave Offensive, Onett, Dr. Wily's Castle, Magicant, Big Blue, 3d Land, Flat Zone 2, New Pork City, Wrecking Crew, Prism Tower, Pictochat, Spirit Train, New Donk City, Mushroom Kingdom 2, Kalos Pokemon League, Dreamland 64, 75m, Saffron City, Port Town Aero Dive, Balloon Fight, Brinstar, Venom, Jungle Japes, Reset Bomb, Gerudo Valley, Yoshi's Island, Halberd, Pac-Land, Palutena's Temple, Super Mario Maker, Hyrule Castle, Norfair, Duck Hunt, Wuhu Island, Smashville, Pokemon Stadium 1, and most likely Final Destination. A total of 83 stages. 83!!! When Nintendo Treehouse was asked by Famitsu if every stage will return, they said, "Not all past stages are going to be in the game but a whole lot of them will."

    At the end of the direct, Nintendo revealed that Ridley will come to Smash. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release on December 7th, 2018.

    Now that we are all done with that, Starlink, a flying toys come to life game, will feature Star Fox. There will also be amiibo for Ridley, Inkling and Wolf on December 7th, for $15.99. Nintendo said that there will be more amiibo on the way.
    Many of the original Smash Bros. Amiibo will be re-released for $12.99.

    Whew, I think that is it....hopefully we will see another direct for the autumn line-up.

    See you next time!

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