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    Hello! Welcome to the very first issue of NintendoVerse Power. Where I will be talking about the latest news about Nintendo.

    So, recently there was a new Nintendo Direct on March 8th. We will be focusing about this Direct during this entire issue. If you want to see it here is the link:

    The Direct was mostly, well, directed by Yoshiaki Koizumi. So without further ado, lets get this started!
    We first start off with the 3ds with the announcement of WarioWare Gold, a collection of micro games from the Wario Ware series launching on August 3rd. Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers was also announced, which is a sequel to the Dillon's Rolling Western series coming at May 24th. If you are a fan of the Mario & Luigi series or you just like Bowser's Inside Story well, you are in luck! Because it is coming to 3ds with a sidestory of Bowser Jr. sometime at 2019. After those announcements, the direct gives more info on the Detective Pikachu game where Tim and Detective Pikachu solve mysteries in rhyme city. Detective Pikachu is coming at March 23rd. Luigi's Mansion is coming back as a remake for 3ds. If you enjoyed Dark Moon or you want to play Luigi's Mansion again in full 3d, then you will most likely enjoy this game when it comes sometime this year.

    Now, for the moment you all been waiting for. Here are the announcements for the Nintendo Switch. In the game Kirby Star Allies (coming at March 16th) you can be friends with King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee and you can use them for multiplayer. Soon after the release of this Kirby game, you can play as other characters such as: Rick,King, and Coo from Kirby's Dream Land 2, Marx from Kirby Super Star, and Gooey from Kirby's Dream Land 3. All these free dlc characters will come at March 28th. If you are interested in this game, you can always play the free demo on the Eshop.

    Okami HD is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. Experience this artistic game like never before (unless you played this game on PC or PS4 but hey, you can play it on the Switch) as you defeat the evil Yami as Sky er sorry, Ōkami Amaterasu with the Celestial Brush. Okami HD is coming sometime this Summer.

    Sushi Striker: The Way of the Sushido is a game where you battle using is coming on June 8th on Nintendo Switch and 3ds, NEXT!

    Nintendo's New IP "Octopath Traveler" now has a Merchant and an Apothecary. It is coming on July 13th, you can get the demo now on Eshop.

    Travis Strikes Again No more Heroes is coming to the Nintendo Switch where Travis is in the game world to destroy every bug he finds. It is coming sometime this year.

    Dark Souls was announced previously on a Direct Mini, but Nintendo has a few more things to mention about the game. Before launch, there is gonna be a Network Test, more details coming soon. Surprisingly, there is gonna be a Dark Souls amiibo. The Solaire of Astora where you can use the Praise the Sun gesture. Dark Souls Remastered is coming on May 25th.

    The Direct takes a little break and talks a lot about Mario Tennis Aces. It talks a lot about the Basic Shots, Zone shots, Block, Zone speed, Trick Shot, and the Special Shot. Mario Tennis Aces is coming on June 22; but before then, there will be a Pre-Launch Online Tournament, more details coming soon.

    After all the racket about Tennis (see what I did there?) the direct resumes the announcements.
    Captain Toad is being ported on both Switch and 3ds. If you enjoyed the original Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, enjoyed the puzzles of Captain Toad on 3d World, or you played neither and are just curious about it, then here is your chance to try it on the go. It has some special Mario Odyssey levels. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is coming on July 13th.

    Surprisingly, Undertale is coming to the Switch. Reactions to this announcement were very mixed. Some said "NO NO NO" and others said "Ooh Nice!". Undertale is coming to the Nintendo Switch....."Eventually".

    Finally! After rumours and rumours about it, Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Experience nostalgia in full HD as you play the very first 3 games of Crash. The Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy is coming on July 10th.

    Little Nightmares: Complete Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch. This is a Horror Puzzle game and contains two of the Little Nightmares games. And for some mysterious reason, you can use the Pac-Man amiibo to get a "Pacu" (I think that is how it is spelled) mask. Little Nightmares: Complete Edition is coming on May 18th.

    Many have been shocked with the announcement that South Park: The Fractured but Whole is coming to the Nintendo Switch. South Park: The Fractured but Whole will launch at April 24th with Danger Deck (dlc pack 1) and From Dusk till Casa Bonita (dlc pack 2) each sold separately.

    The Direct then announces that Hyrule Warriors will come at May 18th. Then it announces that, from March 8th to the 18th, there will be ranked matches for the Arms Online Open. Then there will be the Online Finals on the 31st. There will also be a 3-Day Global Testpunch starting that same day, in case you aren't an Arms fan yet.

    The final announcement of the Direct was 3.0 for Splatoon 2 with over 100 pieces of gear, 3 stages, Rank X, and the new Octo Expansion which is a new story mode filled with lore about the game. The Splatoon 3.0 is coming late April. And the new Octo Expansion dlc coming around Summer at the price of $19.99.

    Welp! That is all for this issue. So what did you think of the Direct? It's not like the Inklings were coming to a new Smash game that is coming this year..heheheh. Right?! nintendo-smash-bros-trailer.jpg
    Ummmmmm....uh.... What fighter do you hope to be in the new smash and do you think it is a port or a new installment? Answer in the comments. See you in the next issue!


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