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Discussion in 'News & Announcments' started by Linebeck, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Good evening people from the internet,

    It is I the prominent Linebeck! I have been gone for a while, as some of you may have realized. Do not worry about anything, I assure you the server will not go anywhere. Okami (Sky), is in charge, and will be managing ZeldaVerse. We may be opening before the server is 100% done, but since I am not around as often as I would like to be, I thought it would be best. We will continue to add more material to ZV, and always making it better. Please forgive me everyone for not being around as often. ):

    I am at the time in my life where I need to start focusing on my career and my life in general. I hope everything will be okay while I am gone! Some weekends I will get on and check out everything...


    If anyone is having issues with the registration for the forums, do not worry. I am going to be looking into the problem. Some of you have been caught by my spam filter, if you have issues please send your details to, and I will add you manually from there.

    If anyone wishes to be white-listed on the server. Please, contact my supervisor, Okami Amaterasu.

    Thank you! <3

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