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    Good evening,

    I am going to discuss the different features of a plugin we have on Zeldaverse. As far as plugins go, we tend to keep them semi private. However, this one is indeed available to the public for use. If you're interested in knowing what this plugin can do on Zeldaverse, then I would suggest you continue reading!

    We have our very own special plugin, it is called Zcore. It consists of all our dungeon and other Zelda mechanics. This plugin allows you to use different types of tunics, boots, leggings, and caps, to gain certain advantages and abilities! Zcore also has the ability to keep track of your heart containers! Just like in Zelda, you usually begin with three hearts, and must collect heart containers to be able to gain more, etc. We also have different items that you can use, like the fire rod, and grapple hook! Discover keys in loot-chests to open doors to gain access to new areas in dungeons. In the future we plan on adding tons more to this customarily made plugin, if you have any suggestions feel free to create a thread under "Ideas & Feedback".

    Here is a list of the features that Zcore has so far!

    Version 1.0

    • Goron Tunic, Goron Cap.
    • Zora Tunic, Zora Cap.
    • Link's Tunic, Link's Cap, Link's Man Pants, Link's Boots.
    • Pegasus Boots, Sky's Boots, Spring Boots, Iron Boots.

    • Rupees - Our main currency. Every time you pick up a MC Emerald, it auto deposits it in your wallet!
    • Grapple Hook - By far my favorite item we have! Grapple onto certain blocks to gain access to new areas!
    • Fire Rod - Do more attack damage to mobs or players.
    • Torch - emits light when held in hand. (Coming soon!)

    Version 2.0


    • We have a whole world dedicated to the Elytra. I merged Zeldaverse with a server I used to own known as SoarOasis. You can HyperJump using shift + space, and fly through rings to gain boosts! This is mainly for practicing your Elytra Skills. Once you flew through a ring you would get awarded with a feather, this feather would give you a temp speed boost when you right clicked on it. (This was back in 1.10.2) but was basically the exact same as using a firework.

    • Gather friends to play either a unlimited game of tag, or for a timed game! Fun to play on a Zelda map like Kakariko village!

    • Special Doors you can only unlock if you get a key! The key breaks and only YOU can pass through it!

    • MMoRPG Style chests that you and your friends can take items from! You each only get one set of whatever is in the chest!

    These are the main features of our custom plugin. We plan on adding a lot more to it, to improve and perfect it! In the future, I plan on having a custom server texture pack, with custom items that will server certain functions. In other words (Example), I will separate rupees into separate types of emeralds, so that one can represent 1, 5, 20, 50, etc.

    Best regards,

    The Prominent Linebeck

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